Today, the average supermarket keeps nearly 44,000 items on its shelves; a large discount store can shelve more than 120,000 items. If you sell your product on the web, you’re swimming in a ocean with millions of other products. It doesn’t matter how delicious your cookies, or how unique your software… your consumers must choose your product from among the blur of competition to find out how good it is. How can you guarantee that your product will stand out in the sea of competitive merchandise?


Creative, targeted, and innovative package design can help make your product the success you know it was born to be. With his considerable experience in all facets of package design, Ted DeCagna can even provide custom hand lettered typography, a rare skill that will make your product stand out from the rest. He is also well versed in preparing the complex digital art necessary for package manufacturing, folding, and printing.


Whether you need a label for your vintage wine, a poly bag for your organic corn tortillas, a bottle design for your new sports drink, or a high-end box concept for your fine jewelry line, make sure you get the best design possible. Then, sit back and let your product be the star.