When you see a masterpiece by Rembrandt or a pop art piece by Andy Warhol, or a lamp by Tiffany, do you ever wonder how the artist conceived and accomplished it? Maybe the idea emerged in a sudden creative vision out of the blue. Possible… but highly unlikely.

Creativity is born of inspiration rooted in experience and training. As the old saying goes: “Fortune favors the prepared mind”. The graphic arts are inspired in the same way. Today’s successful designers lean on their training and experience to translate inspiration into logos, package designs, and advertising for their clients. Creativity is harnessed to a purpose – building businesses and growing brands.

Ted DeCagna is a graphic designer with over 29 years experience in the field. He credits his long history of success across a wide range of products and services to his education and experience. After graduating from Pratt Institute, one of the country’s top design colleges, Ted learned the distinctive skills of his profession at a series of notable design firms and ad agencies in the NY metro area. Top master New York typographic designers including Ray Barber and Tony DeSpina provided direct mentoring and influence for Ted’s unique proficiency in “Hand Lettering”.  Those precious skills of this rare art form have helped Ted earn 22 logotype design awards largely credited to his unique custom typographic letter forms and 6 graphic design awards for company and product brochures and corporate event invitations. Ted broadened his view by taking inspiration from master designers and typographers including Herb Lubalin.

Today, with decades of experience and his own well-established design firm, Ted puts his personal creative stamp on each logo, brochure, or website he develops. He stays current with design trends and methods but relies on the strength of his solid education, experience, and creative point of view to help his clients showcase their products and services. Let Ted DeCagna help your business grow. Call: 908-272-6777.