Animated Logotype Videos

Logotype design by Design by Ted DeCagna, Animation by Nebojsa Sekulic

May 2021, Ted DeCagna now proudly offers animated logo design, animated logo videos and animated movie title sequences for motion pictures, web sites, corporate presentations and more. Ted DeCagna has 28 design awards for his unique hand lettered logotypes that offer creativity that you will be hard pressed to find. Ted DeCagna is now offering to take that unique logo he designs for you to the next level… 3D animation with the perfect stock music. Nothing compares to the excitement of having your new exciting logo transform into motion with special effect 3D software and skills from his veteran animator. The samples below give a good sample of what is possible with zooming logo typography, a rotating buck, sliding cars, bouncing balls, twirling cars, zooming arrows, and shooting arrows to name a few. So if you are ready for that dynamic movie title sequence, nothing compares to the entertainment value of an animated movie logo, web site animated logotype or corporate logo animated video for the impact you were hoping for.

 Animations by Nebojsa Sekulic