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Transportation Photography that Captures the Full Scope of Logistics, From Trucks and Ships to Transportation and Industrial Sites
If it’s big and it moves, carries or conveys something, Ted DeCagna can shoot it.

Through his transportation photography, Ted DeCagna has captured photos of tractor trailers, loading docks, forklifts, warehouses and container ships at such sites as Port Newark and Port Elizabeth, NJ. His logistics photos have appeared in ads and brochures for various logistics and transportation clients and in award journals as well.

Award-winning results
Ted received a coveted Bronze medal award for Best Photography from the Art Directors Club of NJ for his stunning time exposure of a tractor trailer crossing the George Washington Bridge at night. “The logistics of pulling this shot off made it one of the most challenging shots I have ever attempted; the end results were also one of the most rewarding,” states Ted.

The challenge: to shoot a long distance nighttime photo of a company truck in the midst of bridge traffic on this major NY/NJ river crossing, and keep the company name legible on the truck.

The lighting conditions and logistics needed to attain this client’s desired shot simply did not exist on the famous bridge but lucky for the client, Ted DeCagna’s art directing and digital photo retouching skills (and love of a challenging shot) were readily available.

Ted directed several truck drivers to park their trucks at just the right angle in a nearby North Bergen parking lot. He then matched the exact angle at which he photographed the massive George Washington Bridge, which required him to shoot a second trailer from twenty feet in the air by way of a forklifted cage. About 5,000 watts of light were needed so that the company name would still be visible on the George Washington Bridge and look authentic.

By composing the two separate photos in Photoshop, Ted created the final perfect image, virtually indistinguishable from an actual shot which would be completely unattainable. The delighted client made a five-foot-long print of the prized photo that is proudly displayed in the lobby at corporate headquarters, and gave framed prints of the photo to 100 of their best customers as a gift.

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