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Artistically Striking Product Photography

Product Photography that Creates a Powerful Impression for Your Business
Great product design and product photography forms the most immediate and powerful link between your business and the initial impression it makes on potential customers. And since there’s never a second chance to make that great first impression, manufacturers, art directors and marketing managers turn to Ted DeCagna for top-shelf product photography.

Ted has art directed and shot countless product photos. This experience includes setting up the right backgrounds, using the most effective lighting schemes, and choosing specialized features such as colored gel lights and positioning products at the perfect angle or height.

The end result is photography that is as artistically striking as it is commercially effective.


Among the product photography sessions reflected in Ted’s portfolio are:
-Shooting Italian ices in a 30-degree chilled room
-Photographing raised computer flooring with colored gel lights to enhance the three-dimensional depth of the shot
-Capturing a laser level light beam projected from a computerized laser level
-Shooting massive military tank parts in their special cases.

Imagine what Ted DeCagna can do for your consumer package goods, cosmetics or health and beauty aids, consumables or other products that need expert product photography.

Need a logo or package designed for your product? Ted DeCagna is also an award-winning logo and graphic designer who can provide a full range of services for your marketing communications needs.

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