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It takes an experienced professional to understand how to shoot such vastly different real estate photos as a sunlit skyscraper facade and a dimly lit restaurant interior.

Ted’s photography portfolio is filled with stunning interior and exterior shots of residential and commercial real estate. He has shot many types of buildings throughout the New York/New Jersey region and expertly scouts building facades to determine various lighting conditions with regard to times of the day. He knows that every angle and vantage point of the building and its surroundings must be examined and studied to properly frame and light the shot.

Ted’s real estate photography includes his award-winning shot of the new Tower One at the World Trade Center in New York, photographed in the instant it was struck by lightning. This real-time image was captured by Ted’s patient and creative use of the prevailing stormy weather conditions at the time of his shoot. This dramatic photograph was published in 2015 in the prestigious national design annual, American Graphic Design & Advertising 28 and 31.

Expert lighting, challenging angles and photo retouching—all part of capturing and rendering a professional real estate photograph
Ted has shot from a Hudson River boat and in the canyons of Madison Avenue, he’s captured winter scenes that later had to be converted to summer shots, and has deleted obstructions that would otherwise mar a great shot. Ted is very proficient in digital

photo retouching and knows that creative photo retouching can transform a picture of limited effect into one superbly fitted to the needs of an assignment.

For example, a New York City high-rise building on Madison Avenue was continuously enveloped in shadow; this required opening the camera lens to precisely the right degree in order to expose both the top of the building and the sky perfectly. Expert digital retouching of certain sections created an evenly lit photo with the desired effect. What the shot doesn’t reveal are the many NYC cab drivers, construction workers and pedestrians Ted had to work around to make the shoot happen.

Other recent work that demanded Ted’s artistic eye and computer expertise was a winter scene at a high-rise apartment building in Edgewater, NJ; this shot subsequently needed to be converted to a summer shot. Using the magic of Photoshop, Ted converted the drab December landscape to perfect summer grass and trees from a golf course photo that looked totally authentic.

Of photo retouching, Ted says, “The retouching tools available to photographers today are a tremendous resource; knowing what has been made possible by technology is absolutely essential in creating dynamic and cutting-edge images.”

For his creative eye, his designer’s sensibility, and his skills behind the camera, Ted DeCagna is a real estate photographer that can show off any property to its best advantage and—dare we say—in the best light.

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