Custom Package, Label, & Poly Bag Design


Poly bag design for Kim's Magic Pop


Christopher’s Organic Botanicals, Foil Bag Tea Packaging Princeton, NJ
NJ Ad Club, Jersey Awards , 3rd Place, Finalist Design Award- Catagory: Package Design. October 2020

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Poly bag design for Kim's Magic Pop


Magic Pop Rice Cakes Poli Bag Designs,  American Graphic Design & Advertising 26, Delice Global, Palisades Park, NJ

( Major seller In Shop Rites and Kings Supermarkets)


Product packaging for Viva Hose

Ridge Pro Corrugated Folding Carton, (Roofing Safety Clamp)  Strawder Family Innovations , Cranford, New Jersey

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Product packaging for Viva Hose

Great Glaze Gourmet Spice Label Design, Denhan Spring, Louisiana ( Custom Hand Lettering)


Product packaging for Viva Hose


American Graphic Design & Advertising 29, Published 2015, Category: Best Package Design, Die cut package design for Viva Hose, Durastren Industries, Elizabeth, NJ


Viva House Extender, Viva Hose, Durastren Industries, Elizabeth, NJ, Die cut blister card design




Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice’s Decals, Iselin, NJ



Cell Phone Cradle Folding Carton, Cell Phone, Hopatcong, NJ



Star Trek Next Generation Photon Candies, Point of Purchase Display Carton & Candy Wrappers, Stan Wasserman Co. Westfield, NJ



Space Food Sticks Candies, POP Folding carton and candy foil wrapper design Retrofuture Products Port Washington, NY





Wine Label Designs – 1. Casal Thaulero, Mediterranean Wines, 2. Plum Gekkeikan, 3. Zellar Swartz Katz;  (Sy Wassing Associates), Basking Ridge and Sterling, NJ



Amaretto Liquor Label Design, Carmel Wine Co, New York, NY


Beer Label Design – Guinness Harp (Selected Prototype), Guinness Beer­ Co, (Sy Wassing Associates), New York, NY


Sorrel Ridge book, CD Jewel Case graphic design, Veronica Clinton, Plainfield, NJ



Million Dollar Disk, CD Binder Clamshell Package Design, Gold & Blue Foil Stamping, Dun & Bradstreet, Parsippany, Short Hills, New Jersey



Guidelines for Growing Up, Blister Card Package Design Educational Products, Montclair, NJ



Yanbal Cosmetics, New York, NY, Cosmetic Package Design Line, ­ Sy Wassing Design Associates, New York, NY



A Creative Package Design Can Make or Break
the Success of Your Product

The right packaging helps move products off the shelves and creates a positive user experience. Creative packaging makes it even better and that’s where Ted DeCagna thinks out of the same old box — or bag.

From his logo designs and use of color to his technical knowledge of packaging mechanics, Ted creates exciting packaging that sells products.

Meticulous from start to finish, he prepares 3D design prototypes with different colors, textures, photography and typefaces until he’s satisfied that he’s achieved an outstanding package design.

He prepares all the artwork and ensures that all folding panels are precise down to 1/32 of an inch.

Ted DeCagna’s design projects run the gamut of packaging types: poly bags, clam shells, folding cartons, custom boxes, audio and software CD jewel cases, point of purchase displays, labels. Ted’s package designs can be seen in food packaging, food and beverage labels and vinyl decals, candy wrappers, unique three-dimensional mailers, retail and wholesale products, multimedia products … anything that needs custom packaging needs Ted DeCagna. Contact us today and see how we can elevate your product.

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