Life Saving Product Package Design- Ridgepro Roofing Safety Device

Project Description:

Ted DeCagna was commissioned by Strawder Family Innovations, a Cranford, NJ company to design the package design and numerous promotional materials for “The Ridge Pro”,  a very clever roofing safety product designed to prevent falls off of home roof tops. See folding carton package design below.

This product designed and patented by Strawder Family Innovations is a well built, giant steal clamp that was designed to roll up a roof slope and hook on to any ridge of the house roof. The safety clamp is then tied to a harness that any roofer, solar panel installer, fireman, insurance adjuster, chimney sweeper or dish TV installer should wear.  The product recently received several rave reviews from clients including one from a Florida company who had an insurance adjuster up on a steep roof for major damage inspection.  Apparently, many old shingles have nails that can rust out over time.  When this happens the body weight of the roofer is enough to make these shingles slide out from under the climber making any roof as dangerous as a hockey rink ice.  This insurance adjuster would have fallen off a 3 story roof and likely died from the fall or been seriously injured had it not been for the Ridge Pro product

Ted wanted a package design that would stand out on the store shelves with a great contemporary logo, bright colors, a great product photo, 4 demo photos of the product in use with live roofer model and of course a list of all the product benefits. Ted shot a perfect clean product shot of the impressive steel clamp and used a dynamic tonal gradation background that complemented the product colors and logo perfectly and helped make the logo and product shot pop off the background.   The package design solution shown above is the approved winner and it is sure to help make this product a national best-selling new invention. The product is selling so well the company has been invited to be on the well-known TV show “Shark Tank”, which may very well happen within the next year.

Ted also loves working on a product package design that has such a clear and obvious major safety benefit to potentially hundreds of thousands of end users.  “There nothing better than working on a project that is important to the health and safety of individuals.”  “I’m glad I could contribute my experience and design skills to a company that has such a useful, advantageous safety product to prevent dangerous falls”. So when there is a need for a folding carton package design, corrugated box design, ridged box design or blister package design look no further than Ted DeCagna Graphic Design for a professional, creative design that will sell your product.



Business Type:

Roofing Safety Product

Project Challenge:

Design an exciting package design that will stand out in specialty roofing products stores

Services Provided:

Corrugated Package Design

Client Location:

Cranford, NJ

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