Lovenade Package Design Label Logotype

Project Description:

Ted was given the task of designing a creative logo for a new natural lemonade product called Lovenade. The client wanted something simple but very creative and requested a heart incorporated into the typography. As a top logo designer Ted was up for the challenge. Ted selected a classic and bold font that contains happy characters. “ as my college typographic design professor would say “ You can’t tell me that E is not smiling”. So, this design called for a font with a smiling E given the positive, delightful product that it is. Ted then created a heart shape and added a vector art lemon to it and gave it flowing leaves below the heart give it a pleasant natural feel. Ted created several different designs and the client really liked design 2 (shown below row 2 left) which the client thought was very good but asked if he could make it more dimensional. Ted responded by taking the close-up photo of an actual lemon and filling the heart with the lemon texture plus shadow added. Design 2A ( Row 1 second design) was the first reply to her request. While the client was impressed at how dimensional the lemon heart had become she also laughed hysterically because she commented “ It now looks like Kim Kardashian in a yellow dress”. So, Ted had a great laugh and removed the shadows that perhaps gave the two lemons a look of cleavage. The award-winning logo design was a compromise of the real lemon photo and less shadow to avoid the busty lemons look. The textures dimples of a real lemon added a terrific 3-dimensional reality to the lemon heart Ted’s client was delighted with as this design is sure to catch anyone’s attention and the design won an Award of Design Excellence from American Graphic Design and Advertising and was published in 2017 in this wonderful design annual of excellent logo designers in New Jersey and across the country.

Business Type:

Consumer Retail

Project Challenge:

Design a logotype for natural lemonade beverage label design. Incorporate a heart shape with the typography

Services Provided:

Custom Logotype Design

Client Location:

Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

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