Maxbeam Medical Imaging Logotype

Project Description:

Ted DeCagna was commissioned by a major company in the optics and medical imaging industry, Rigaku Innovative Technologies, to design a logo that would communicate X-ray diffraction. The designer’s challenge was to study the basic concepts of X-ray diffraction and design a simple, yet creative symbol that communicated the concept to a client team of five engineers and physicists. Ted designed over 25 sketches that were inspired by established diffraction diagrams meant to illustrate how light can strike a surface and create a recorded image in a different plane.

After review, the client team decided that they liked the simplicity of 1A because it most accurately captured that moment of exposure that occurs with X-ray diffraction. Further, the team approved of how Ted conveyed the concept of the multiple light rays utilized in generating an image; three shooting arrows into a triangular prism. Direction was critical to conveying the concept of diffraction, so arrows were the ideal symbol to indicate this vector component. To make the shooting arrows more exciting, Ted used a design technique called “alternating ground”. This is where a designer takes the positive image and uses the reverse white same image in conjunction. Ted used two black arrows and one white alternating ground arrow in the center to create a very exciting multiple arrow effect. The arrows were then outfitted with black to white gradients to further enhance their direction of motion and add another layer of excitement and intrigue.

Creating a graphic illustration of such an abstract, conceptual incident was quite a challenge, but Ted’s approved, creative logo design resulted in both a happy client and a design award from American Graphic Design & Advertising 31, Published in this national Design annual in 2017.

Business Type:

X-Ray Diffraction Imaging Equipment

Project Challenge:

Design an exciting logo that conveys X-ray Diffraction to industry specialists

Services Provided:

Custom Logo design

Client Location:

Auburn Hills, MI

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