Philadelphia Bux Logotype – Animated Logo Design

Project Description:

Ted DeCagna was commissioned by a pharmaceutical client who wanted an
exciting, dynamic logotype to motivate his sales team located in Bucks County PA and boost company morale. The client requested a powerful buck symbol with some creative lettering. Ted stepped up to the plate and used his hand lettering skills to design several exciting designs including two black and white preliminary designs below with condensed lettering for Philadelphia Bux and a very strong deer symbol. “I wanted the typography to be dramatic, so the tapered curve of large bold classic letterforms was the way to go”. ( see approved design 1, first window) Ted mixed the strong compressed lettered ( called condensed letterforms) with the extended (wide stretch) letters of Bux which did create a very good contrast with the very long word and one very short word, but we felt design one with the extended lettering was more dramatic.

“ The letter X is one of my favorite letters in the alphabet since it allowed me to create a very exciting, sharp, spike effect with one of the strokes of the X. I say one stroke because you have to be careful not to overdo it. Good design means “less is more” and sharp spikes on both strokes of the X would have been too much and created a more “heavy metal” rock band look,
where one sharp point was just enough of a finishing touch to add excitement to the typography.” I wanted the symbol to be a unique so I designed this unique emblem shape to frame the buck but added dramatic deep red motion lines to frame the buck and really make the symbol pop”. Ted wanted to add some great color so after many color studies he added a bright golden yellow radial gradient behind the emblem and as a drop showdown to the typography.

Ted DeCagna Offers Animated Logo Design
Ted’s client was so thrilled with the logo we wanted a way to present the logo to his sales team and company on a large screen to really make an impact. Ted recommended and then art directed the animated 4K video below, (Click on arrow). “ The client wanted drama, so my first instinct was to have the typography zoom up from the distance from small to large”. This concept was originally created with the first Superman movies in 1978. I then had my animator create a 3D effect with the buck where the camera rotates and finally locks into place dead center. Finally, I wanted the shield to render the outline and energized the symbol by having the red burst lines float into place. A nice finishing touch was to have the gold radial gradient float into place behind the buck and add the gold drop shadow to the dark lettering” Choosing the right stock music that was exhilarating and triumphant was important, so after reviewing many options a thunderous drum beat and clashing symbols sound track was selected and added as the perfect complement to complete one very exciting animated logo video. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate logo presentation or movie title opening sequence nothing is more exciting than an animated logo design.

Business Type:

Medical Sales

Project Challenge:

Design an exciting logo for Philadelphia Bux Sales team using a strong buck graphic as the logo

Services Provided:

Animated Logo Design

Client Location:

Bucks County PA

Project Gallery:

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