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Project Description:

The power of the printed material should not be undervalued due to the new age of internet marketing.  No one can argue about the value of a good web site for any business but a good brochure designer in NJ is still a strong second priority marketing tool that still works very effectively,  especially since brochures do not have the popularity that they once had due to the internet. So, when you do receive a high-quality brochure in the mail or at a trade show, it really stands out! Below is a project for a growing, state of the art acrylic manufacturing company called Global Sales & Materials, based in Long Island New York, that makes amazing custom acrylic room installations that look like they are out of a Star Trek futuristic movie set.   The company wanted a custom brochure design of many of their outstanding designs from a hospital room, to ATT Lobby,  Lincoln Center ticket booth and Times Square acrylic heart for valentine’s day!

Ted created a clean contemporary layout using the client’s own honeycomb acrylic panel, back lit with light as an attention getting design accent on the cover and as a banner accent on each spread (two pages). The font used is very clean and contemporary looking and is perfect for such a high-tech product line. Ted varies photo sizes to add an exciting variety of images and slightly overlaps photos to make sure they read as a unit and not segmented rectangles on a page.

One can argue that with our super busy life styles, many clients do not have time to look closely at 8 pages on a web site, but receiving a high-quality brochure in the mail forces the client’s portfolio in their hands so they are sure to at least take a quick look and perhaps later at lunch or after dinner take a close look at all they have to offer. So, don’t under value the power and wonderful tactile feel of the printed page with high quality photos of your product or company as a great brochure design can surely grab your client’s attention. So for a top brochure designer New York, consider Ted DeCagna Graphic Design to deliver.


Business Type:

Commercial, Business to Business

Project Challenge:

Design a highly creative contemporary looking brochure for special acrylic custom fabricaton projects

Services Provided:

Custom brochure layout, design, printer ready PDF's

Client Location:

Plainview, New York (Long Island)

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