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American Graphic Design & Advertising 31, Published 2017, Horizon Manor Assisted Care Living, Montclair, NJ, Category Best Web Design
Horizon Manor Web Site Wins Design Award 2018

Ted DeCagna won a design award for this web site from American Graphic Design and Advertising in 2018. Published in the prestigious design annual American Graphic Design and Advertising 31. Horizon Manor owns 2 upscale private assisted care residences in Upper Montclair NJ. Both homes are old classic style Victorian style homes and décor. Ted photographed both homes capturing the beauty and charm of the exteriors and interiors. Ted designed the web site with a gorgeous Victorian pattern background which captures the classic feel of the homes. The handlettered logotype is elegant and unique.

Ted added several great senior stock photos as custom people photos of patients was not allowed in this case due to client confidentially standards, so great stock photos were the perfect solution to accurately represent and capture the typical clients at Horizon Manor. Ted’s copywriter wrote creative but concise copy for the web site that capsules all the special features and benefits of staying at this great assisted care home. When Ted DeCagna designs custom web sites he first prepares very accurate PDF layouts that closely match the final HTML web site including layout of all photos, copy and navigation buttons needed.