Successful logos attract customers because they help a company stand out from the crowd. They’re the ones you can remember when the brand is not in front of you. Who can’t picture the Apple logo with the strategic bite out of the right side? Or Google’s cheery rainbow of letters? I’ve designed more than 180 logos over the years and have developed some guidelines that I often share with my clients during the development process.

  1. Your logo must be clear. Notice I didn’t say “plain” or “drab”. The viewer should “get it” immediately. Here’s an example of what I mean by clear. This is a logo I designed for American Standard’s corporate Fitness Center, Life Steps in Motion. It identifies the department and makes it clear that it is their fitness center. In addition, legibility is essential. Creative letter forms that are totally unique are wonderful, but if the letters get so funky you can’t read them, the designer has gone too far. See more logos at for Life Steps in Motion Corporation
  2. Your logo must be versatile. These days, a logo that can’t easily move from print to web to signage or premiums is not completely useful. Make sure your logo reads well when shown large on a banner or sign and tiny on a business card. Make sure the colors are appropriate. Here’s an example: my logo for New Brunswick Cardiology. I chose to present an image of a contemporary symbol of a heart, but we avoided blood red which would turn off patients. Instead, I recommended a bright, positive gold heart with blue liner accent lines, which was quickly approved. See more logos at Brunswick Cardiology Logo Design
  3. Your logo should reflect the personality of your brand. Are you a high-tech consulting company? A pasta factory? In this case, I wanted to let the core impression of the typography flow like “the feeling of pasta noodles in the air.” See Pasta di Trevi Sample. Here’s a logo I created for Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice. The goal was to attract children to want the product. It also shows that the product can be eaten on the go, stimulating impulse purchases. The result has been major brand recognition nationwide and a tremendous increase in sales of their Italian ice products and portable carts to thousands of small business owners. See more logos at Jimmy Italian Ices Award Winning LogoPasta di Trevi Logo

Remember, your logo does not have to be literal. As a designer with extensive experience, my mission is to see and capture the essence of your company or brand and create a unique icon or typographic treatment that will be special and memorable. My goal is to always deliver a logo that is most importantly unique and effective in helping to bring business to my clients.  It should project and feeling of confidence for my clients and put a smile on their face. Contact me, let’s see how we can work together. 908.272.6777