Graphic Design excited me from an early age.  My eye always gravitated to striking, high tech and stream lined designs, including exciting letter-forms, dynamic logos and eye-catching graphics from TV, magazines, posters, vinyl album covers, newspapers and ads. Not until later, as a design student, did I appreciate how a cereal box in the super market could be a great package design.

For all of these reasons I choose to pursue an education at an art and music high school in Newark, New Jersey. Arts High School led me to apply and attend the largest and most prestigious design college in the country, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York where I fell in love with Graphic Design and earned a BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction.

At Pratt, I quickly learned to love fine art, illustration, and especially graphic design and advertising; thanks to the best instruction by many prominent and well established graphic designers, art directors at classes held at top Madison Avenue agencies including Young and Rubicam.  Their incredible work was so inspirational to me. Wow! Unlike so many, how lucky I was knowing I was going to earn a living doing exactly what I loved to do.  It is the skills I learned from these talented and motivational instructors that inspired me to learn the challenging discipline of hand lettering and logo design. These unique skills have lead me to design over 182 career logo designs and earn 34 design awards, 24 for logo design.

Today, there is nothing more rewarding than taking on a clients tough challenge of creating a unique logo design, web site, package design or brochure and having the client rave about what you have done for them.  Usually because they know my design will translate into increased or successful sales of their new product or, at the very lease, provide an exciting new image and great first impression for their clients or customers.

The second reward of all the hard work that goes into creating a great design is seeing my designs in use at a major supermarkets including Shop Rite and Kings Supermarkets; seeing my Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice logo on ice cream trucks, stands, and at state and town fairs all over the country.  My children’s friends think I’m famous for that one!  I’ve recently even seen a logo for a home inspection business I created 22 years ago on a shopping cart ad used in many Shop Rites. The design still works well.

Finally, after getting to that great feeling of hitting a graphic design home run and getting the applause of my client, there is that extra bonus of receiving that letter in the mail from a national design annual or even local art directors club telling you your design has been selected as an award winner and will be published in the upcoming design annual.  A design award is the ultimate validation that you’ve created something special, since the votes come from anonymous experts in my field.  Like most good design, of course it takes an seemingly endless about of training hours and years of practice to master these skills, but boy is it worth it! So if your son or daughter gets excited when seeing good design, tell them about the many rewards of creating memorable and striking graphic design. It’s a fantastic profession!

Ted has over 29 years experience, 34 design awards and 3 photography awards from numerous national and local design organizations listed in detail on this web site.