We’ll bet you’ve noticed that many fast food outlets are painted in warm, bright colors such as red, orange, and yellow. Lighting is never subdued as in fine restaurants where small candles on the table set the tone. Maybe it’s just coincidence or maybe smart food marketers know something you should know about color in your logo, packaging, and advertising.


Hot colors bring energy with them, stimulating viewers’ brains and even making them hungry. If you doubt this, remember the last time you agreed to “supersize” those fries while standing in a fast food place. What color were the walls? On the flip side, blues and greens connote serenity and healing. Many hospital logos are in cool tones. Gold and metallic colors symbolize wealth and are often used to give products a high-end sophisticated appeal.


At Ted DeCagna Graphic Design we understand how to make the power of color work for your company and your products. Ted has years of experience designing logos and packaging that stand out and make a lasting statement for brands across a wide range of industries including restaurants and food products. Let us help you find the colors to make your brand stand out from the crowd or jump off the store shelf!