Graphic design has been described as “art with a purpose” and in many ways, this is true. Art arouses emotion depending on whether the viewer likes or dislikes the pattern, color, style, or subject of the artwork. Graphic design also induces emotion. Think about recognizable logos or memorable ads you’ve seen. You probably remember them because you associate them with a feeling. Does the Hershey’s chocolate logo conjure childhood memories or ‘smores or hot chocolate on a cold winter day? When you see a Folger’s logo, can you smell the coffee?

Those famous logos were not developed in a vacuum. They, and many other successful brand icons, were created by skilled graphic designers who listened intently and absorbed the DNA of the brand. They asked questions; they did research; but most of all they LISTENED.

Ted DeCagna is a Graphic Designer with years of experience who LISTENS carefully to his clients to understand the essence of their brand and their vision for its future. By listening and asking precise questions, he is able to distill the brand characteristics that potential customers need to know. After considerable thought, Ted will present well crafted ideas for a design project, whether it’s a company/brand logo, a brochure, website, package design, or an ad campaign. Listening is the key and Ted’s secret ingredient. For years he has developed successful strategies across diverse industries including construction, food products, restaurants, real estate, transportation, financial, medical, and professional services. Call Ted to see how well he listens when your brand speaks. 908-272-6777.