Have you heard the saying “You can’t judge a book by its’ cover”? Unfortunately, in the world of corporate and business identity, this idea doesn’t apply. People can and do judge a business or other establishment based on the image they project and this starts with the business logo. You need to choose the professional route. In fact, you need a first-rate, hand-lettered, logotype design if you what to stand out from your competition. What are the benefits of paying money for a professional designer? Why should you bother to outsource your creativity? Why a hand-lettered logo? The answers may surprise you.


Hand-Lettered Logos Are 100% Unique

Do you really want a logo that looks like every other logo around?   Do you want your clients or customers to say to themselves “I’ve seen this design a million times before”? A hand-lettered logo means you get something that nobody else has. You want your business to stand out from the crowd! You want people to remember you in a positive way. A hand-lettered logo trumps logos made from clipart and standard fonts. The nature of your business, your goals, and your very essence has a chance to shine. The lettering used in hand-lettered logos can’t be found with any software or on any website … you are getting something very special.


Amateur Logos Are Bad For Business – Period

Never ask your friend, cousin, nephew, or daughter-in-law to design your logo for you. Why? They don’t have the design training, knowledge of typography, trained eye, and drawing skills needed to create a quality logo. If you leave your logo design in inexperienced hands, you may save money, but you will very likely settle for a design that does nothing or even hurts your business image. If your customers don’t understand the message you’re trying to send, you can bet you won’t benefit. It’s okay to want to save money, but don’t cut costs where it counts. A professional logo designer can create a logo that has personality, with a distinctive, multi faceted symbol that tells your prospective customers or clients exactly what your business, product, or service is.


Choose an expert graphic designer like Ted DeCagna. With 22 logo design awards under his belt, his hand-lettered logos are made with a passion for typography. Ted tailors them to your specific needs and interests and creates logotypes that are truly exceptional.




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