The Internet has changed the way companies do business. It has opened many doors to small and medium businesses so that they can now compete with corporate entities. A decade ago, many small businesses were closing up shop, unable to compete with their larger competitors. But today – if that small business is smart enough to equip itself with a first rate website design – then it can project a polished and professional impression equal to larger companies. Coupled with Internet marketing, the small and medium sized concerns of today can become more successful, opening their products and services to much broader and wider audiences. So the question is – how do you develop a web site with excellent design?

There are many factors to consider in developing a great website. First, remember that for many of your customers, your website is their initial point of contact. As you heard your Mom say many times, first impressions are important. It couldn’t be more true. By making the right first impression, customers are likely to have a positive reaction to your products and services. In turn, they are more apt to buy. It’s important to have a striking logo design for your company name that is clear, easy to read and communicates what your business does within seconds. It is important to portray your businesses’ website in an easy to read format. Far too many web sites are so complex and over crowded, they repel readers within seconds.

It is very important to hire a first-rate graphic designer that can use color, texture and photography to create a visually powerful appeal. Creating motion photography and graphics are essential in 2013 to give your company that all-important contemporary look. Using bullets, short paragraphs, and clear navigation menus is essential. Coupled with ease of reading, let’s look at a few tips to increase the reader’s experience. In order for your audience to gain a positive experience, the following are important tips:

First, make sure you have contact information visible. If a potential customer needs to reach you and can’t find your contact phone number or e-mail address they will very likely leave your site within seconds and go to another source.
Secondly, while beautiful, professional graphics are essential, don’t overload the pages either. “Less is more”, is the best rule to follow for good, uncluttered design. Too many things on a page make finding information difficult. If necessary, break your pages into different categories. If you keep these tips in mind you are sure to create a strong on-line presence that will increase new leads and – ultimately – more sales.