When you started your company, you commissioned a logo design and it has served you well. In the early days, your logo appeared on stationery, business cards, and the sign on your office door. As your business grew it moved onto packaging and was featured in your company brochure and advertising. It even rode the streets on the sides of your service trucks. Recently, your now-familiar logo graduated to the web and that’s when the problem began, right?

The simple, strong logo that helped your business grow now seems tired and strangely out of place. It just doesn’t seem to be attracting the attention it used to. What happened? Nothing has changed… or has it?

Actually, the world has changed. Customers and consumers of all types of products and services now start on the internet to find what they need or want to purchase. Keeping a 20+ year old logo that looks “pre-internet” can actually hurt sales of your product and damage its image. Many major corporations including NBC, Exxon, ATT, Shell Oil have given their iconic symbols a drastic design update to show that their companies have kept up with the times, yet still have kept their very recognizable images.  Likewise, your logo needs to speak and engage today’s customers with a contemporary look and feel.

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