The photographs of Jacqueline Kennedy and her children at the funeral of the slain president JFK helped an entire nation to grieve and bond. When astronaut Bill Anders took his now famous shot of the earth rising over the moon’s horizon as he orbited the earth from Apollo 8, he could not have known that the photograph would actually transform the way that human beings thought and felt about our planet and its place in the larger cosmos.

And the nature photography of the great Ansel Adams – particularly of the American west – captured the American imagination; proving to be so powerful, in fact, that they actually provided much of the impetus and inspiration for both the environmental protection movement and a fuller, more popular appreciation of the great National Parks of America.

All of this is only a partial list of the way photography has become one of the most transformative mediums in all of human history. It literally has the power and capacity to change the way people think about their world, themselves, and each other. It transforms minds and our very consciousness; with its’ advent, we literally live in a different world.

In the realm of business communications and marketing, the story is no different. In the next blog, we will look at what this medium has accomplished, and at ways in which it can work for you and your concern. Until then, consider that only the best photographers understand that great photography is rooted in artistic creativity on the one hand, and a technical understanding of color, lighting, composition, angles, and equipment expertise on the other; both go into the making of a photograph that has the capacity to communicate powerfully and ‘speak more than a thousand words’.