Ted DeCagna has earned a BFA degree in Graphic Design and Art Direction at one of the leading design colleges in the country, the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY.  Since 1988, Ted has operated a graphic design studio in Cranford, NJ, which is only 16 miles from New York City. Ted was fortunate enough to study with several of the industry’s best New York designers including Ray Barber, David Epstein, George Klaber, Charles Goslin and David Gates to name just a few.

“Ray Barber was the most skilled typographic craftsman I have ever seen in the industry”.  “ Ray designed gorgeous hand lettered logotypes for dozens of major corporations and products including his most famous logotype for the movie Saturday Night Fever”.  Ray Barber was one of mentors. His incredible typographic works continue to be an inspiration for Ted for many years later. Ray Barber’s work has been a major influence on Ted’s  very unique hand-lettered logo designs that have earned Ted many design awards for his own totally unique custom lettering.    Hand lettering often called calligraphy is a specialized art form and combined with Ted’s talent creating striking symbols combined with hand lettering, make Ted’s design creations very extraordinary, unlike many simple computer generated logo designs being sold in the industry.

If you have a business that needs a branding image makeover to attract new business, Ted DeCagna is the designer who can deliver that extraordinary design. If you have a product that you need to jump off the shelf and stand out from all the tough competition, then you need a different edge for your product.  Ted’s unique hand lettering can give your product that different edge that is sure to make it stand-out.

Ted has a tremendous love for typography and graphic design.  Ted has designed over 158 career logo designs to date.  His passion for his art has earned him 20 awards for logo design from American Graphic Design and Advertising and the New Jersey Art Directors Club.  Over 44 logo designs have been published in several major design annuals.   Ted’s enthusiasm for his art will translate into a successful design solution for your business, product or service.