You are a business owner with a product or service that deserves the best possible marketing, so it’s only logical that the first step toward doing so is to create recognition and interest with an exciting and outstanding logo personalized just for you. How do you get this? Simple; by choosing only that designer who has always specialized in the very specific art of typography and hand lettering, and who has an extensive track record of success to prove it.

Which brings us to the next big question; just what is hand lettering? A question that must be asked, since, given the advent of the computer age, the process of hand lettering has become, unfortunately, a dying art form. In today’s fast paced, hurried and instant digital age, most so-called “logo designers” simply revert to typesetting a few letters from standardized, pre-existing fonts, slightly tweak them, and then present the mechanized result as a “logotype.” This easy method characteristically results in a form of bland, uninspired typography which we all have seen a million times over in countless places. It is a case of the lazy and unskilled use of technology to bypass the more age old craft of creative designing by the coordination of the artist’s hand and eye, in service to the powers of his own imagination and sensibility.

The true artistic form known as the custom creation of logotypes requires an extensive study of – and background in – typography; this must be combined with artistic draftsmanship capabilities and hand-lettering skills that result in the creation of truly unique, specific and original letter forms which no one has ever seen before and which are not pre-existing or available in any computer software program. This form results in a new and unique creation, specifically inspired by and tailor-made to offer the best possible identity for your personal business, service or product. It thus creates the most perfectly suited communications tool to express who you are and what you do; of what makes you special and worthy of the attention of all in the marketplace. And in the ultra-competitive world of today’s consumer landscape, that can make a tremendous difference in your favor.

Ted DeCagna is an example of a graphic designer who stands completely adept within the most cutting edge technology of the contemporary design world, yet utterly and firmly rooted in the age old skills and practices of the timeless traditions of the artistic past in which there is no technological equivalent for craft, imagination and the ability of the artist’s hand. He has been immersed in his original love of art and design since a young age, and honed his skills through years of study with some of New York’s most renowned typographic designers. Before anything is finalized on electronic devices and computer screens, his process sets him to work on a drafting desk where his hand-lettering designs are custom created as any work of fine art should be. After attainging a creative solution that passes his own test for expressing something “unique and striking”, and which receives a “thumbs up” approval from his client, he then proceeds to scan the hand lettered design into the computer and re-renders it in Adobe Illustrator as vector art or high resolution Photoshop artwork. The next step is to explore color and find those best suited for the client, product or service; this can range from two to four colors or more, depending on reproduction budget and end use requirements.

Of the more than 26 design awards Ted DeCagna has garnered, a full 22 have been for his unique logo type designs. And a major factor in that record of outstanding recognition for design excellence in logo type can be attributed to the fact that his creations are specifically grounded in the exceptional process of unique, custom hand-lettered typography. For a logotype that sings with pizazz and personality, which communicates with beauty and eloquence, and which can form the perfect signature portrait of you and your company, look no further than Ted DeCagna Graphic Design.

By: Ted DeCagna

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