“Go online” is the simplistic solution for many people in their attempt to break through the avalanche of competing voices in the contemporary world of marketing where – today – the internet rules. In fact, “go online” is the modern mantra… to shop, to sell, to display your wares and services, to show that you exist. But it is precisely because this has become the truism of our times that it can also be useless news and self-defeating advice. … because if everybody else is doing it, than how can one possibly stand out in a crowd composed of millions?

In this sense, the internet has changed everything while actually changing nothing; because the fact is that having your product or service picked out on the internet highway is exactly as difficult as having your personal billboard spotted on an actual highway as distracted drivers zoom past at seventy miles an hour. Too many are seduced into thinking that the technology has solved their problem, and that merely by having a presence on the net they are somehow automatically reaching the people and markets they hope to. But this is simply not the case. In fact, given the easy access the internet affords, the reverse is true; with everybody having an on-line presence, very few can stand out.

What all of this means is that the same exact things which were necessary for effective communication yesterday are the same things that are needed today more than ever; great, original, distinctive and custom crafted design. The playing field has changed, but the game is the same. Wherever it is that you are trying to attract your audience and capture your market, your identity will fade into the background unless you have a design that draws the eye and intrigues the mind. Graphic design is the art of communication, where all the elements needed to express and captivate are brought together under one umbrella, and honed to grab the attention of those you wish to address. Creative copy needs to communicate your benefits succinctly, since most prospective clients will not give your brochure or web site very much time.

No new technology or emergent electronic arena will ever change the principles of great design or exciting communication. The internet tools are new, and we at Ted DeCagna Graphic Design put them to full use. But we do so with the understanding and experience grounded in the age old process of design artistry that is still the living heart of true communication. If you are seeking your piece of the marketplace for your business, company, institution or service, don’t be fooled into thinking that a savvy internet technician who knows his way around the internet can provide you with the design and copy you need. Technical prowess is good… when it is put in the service of artistic design and timeless craftsmanship.

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