When you attend a family reunion or a holiday dinner, you recognize family members even if you haven’t seen them in a while. Something in your brain says: “That’s Aunt Judy’s son” or, “Here’s Uncle Joe, he looks just like Mom.” They share a family resemblance and your brain has recognized that consistency. Your company’s brand needs to have consistency as well to ensure that it’s recognized by your customers.

Picture any famous brand logo. It doesn’t matter which one. Suppose that every time you saw it, the typeface, shape, color, or other defining characteristics were different. Would that brand make a lasting impression? No. Would it be easy to find on a store shelf or catch your eye as you drove by? No. Consistency is one of the first and most important principles of graphic design. Your logo and messaging need consistency, particularly in today’s crowded marketplace.

These days, your brand communicates across various formats including printed materials, outdoor signage, website, and digital advertising. Make sure that it is recognized and that your message hits home. Use consistent standards for color, typeface, size, and placement. Better yet, get help from Ted De Cagna and his more than 25 years of award-winning experience helping companies make their brands and messages stand out. Ted and his team have worked across a wide range of industries including real estate, medical, construction, transportation, financial and accounting, as well as food package design and labeling, computer software, political organizations, industrial and retail products. Call for a free consultation about your brand: 908-272-6777.