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A good team of experienced, talented, and dedicated experts work harmoniously with company owners and company managers to strategize, implement and manage ongoing marketing campaigns and branding strategy.

Ted DeCagna Graphic Design can design, build, host and maintain your website,  shoot custom photography, provide perfect custom or stock photography and post to social media weekly with fresh original content, respond to your online reviews, write press releases, blogs and newsletters; plus run paid advertising campaigns (PPC) Pay per click ad campaigns on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to generate qualified leads

What is Corporate Identity ?

Your corporate identity is a company’s visual design elements including logos, print, and electronic media. It strengthens and concisely identifies your corporate brand image. It helps to make the brand instantly recognizable and memorable to consumers.

It is established by:

  • Graphic Designed Elements (Logo, print collateral, premium items such as coffee cups and T shirts as just two examples)
  • Electronic Media (SEO optimized website, videos, social media banners, etc.)

What Graphic Design elements make up Corporate Identity?

  • Logo Design including a strong custom designed symbol that immediately conveys what your business has to offer.
  • Typeface, Ted DeCagna offers very custom hand lettered logotype design that stands out from the ocean of mediocre logotypes
  • Color Palette. A strong and appropriate color palette, Imagery, custom designed symbols and photos that convey what you are all about,
  • Page Layout including web site, brochures, digital and print ads

Corporate Identity is supported by:

  • Graphic Designed Elements (Logo, print collateral, premium items such as coffee cups and T shirts etc.)
  • Electronic Media (SEO optimized website, videos, social media banners, etc.)

Corporate Identity Starts with A Great Logotype

Many business owners see their logo simply as a colorful reflection of themselves. But in truth it is so much more. This is a visual communication about YOUR mission, YOUR company and its services or products. Often the first critical mistake YOU can make is to rush into a logo design with no consultation.  Ted DeCagna has been offering very custom hand lettered logotype design that stands out from the ocean of mediocre logotypes for 37 years.  Ted has earned 29 logo design awards hugely due to his hand lettering skills that create totally unique , dynamic letterforms that have never been seen before.

  • Memorable. YOUR customers and clients should recognize your logo AND remember it! What Makes your Ted DeCagna’s logos memorable are the unique letter forms Ted creates with his hand lettering. Clients are never given a font that’s write out of the computer.
  • Simplicity. Most of the greatest logos of history were simple and visually impactful. Think Nike, AT&T, Coke, Pepsi, Target, Under Armour, Adidas
  • Relevant. YOUR logo should be cohesive with your company name, brand and offerings. A shark may be fine for a fishing apparel store but look totally inappropriate for a law firm.,
  • Versatile. Your logo should be strong and clear but have a flexibility that allows it to be used in different ways (Ex. Print, uniforms, vehicle wraps, website, etc.).
  • Timeless. Your logo should be timeless and never antiquated. YOU should get some mileage out of it. Ted last designed logos for many companies that are as fresh as ever 20-25 years after designing them.

Your Corporate Identity Is More Than A Logo

A corporate identity is made of more than just the graphic design of a logo; although it is definitely a crucial element to any good marketing campaign. But for your company to become recognizable in your industry, to potential customers and to stay in the minds of existing customers, it requires a fully developed marketing strategy

This includes:

  • Recognizable, Visually Appealing Logo.YOUR logo needs to actively and instantly communicate YOUR products and services.
  • An SEO Optimized Website.If YOUR customers can’t find you on the first page of Google, they probably won’t find YOU at all!
  • Brand-Cohesive Graphics.Customers need to recognize your brand no matter what advertising tool – logo, packaging, vehicle wraps, stationery, signage, uniforms, electronic media.
  • An Effective PPC (Advertisement) Campaign.While radio, cable and billboards are all great tools, in today’s technology-driven environment, PPC (Pay Per Click) is a critical element of a successful marketing strategy. Your PPC isn’t just about spending money to be seen. It should be about bringing in qualified leads.
  • Recognizable Electronic Media.Your corporate identity should be recognizable across all platforms including website, social media, PPC, etc.

Ted DeCagna Graphic Design is

A Full-Service Team To Build Your Corporate Identity

At Ted DeCagna Graphic Design, we are equipped with a full-service team of creative, design and marketing experts. Whether your need is creating a brand new, corporate identity from scratch for your new company OR, re-designing your present corporate identity as part of a company re-brand, we have a solution. Our team of design experts can graphically design solutions that capture attention while accurately communicating your products, services and company mission. But, most importantly, we can help you reach your greatest heights of profitability through authentic, brand recognition and qualified lead generation.

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