Many design challenges involve creating a symbol that can intellectually tell the story instantly.  Ted was recently commissioned by a Cognitive Behavior Specialist who does special work with seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients to help restore their brain power and functioning using a series of stimulating exercises.

The key here is to find the right symbols that instantly communicate this very exciting special skill.  Ted created several strong symbols (above) using a dramatic 3D facial silhouette with a generic face so as not to say only men or only women.  The first symbol was to use the tried and true concept of gears in the brain area.  While this is not a new idea it is a strong one that is instantly recognizable and with multi colored gears to suggest different ideas.  Familiar symbols are great for company name retention. Ted added directional a arrow and rainbow light ray to suggest incoming stimuli and outgoing rainbow of multi colored ideas. This design solution was a strong runner up to the final.

Another strong alternate design was this facial silhouette head , surrounded by the classic energy rings and a vibrant, colorful star burst array of multi colored star bursts suggesting multiple, different concepts in the mind.  The dynamic very recognizable energy rings are a great way to suggest energized mind. The bright colored star bursts added great color to the symbol.

The clients winning design selection was design 3A with the perfect facial silhouette and 3D blue accent details but the mind area is one massive super nova star burst!  This incredible clarity galaxy image with infinite tiny stars suggests a million different ideas and one massive star burst in the mind area suggests brilliant concepts or brilliant thinking.  This design also reads best at a small size such as business card or on a smart phone, a very important factor to consider for any logo.   Ted always presents designs reduced to his clients as judging a design at the micro size as it will be seen on a smart phone or business card is a very important factor to consider especially in this day of age where smart phones have become the number one most used device for searching for everything on the internet.  Ted always conveys to his clients if a design looks great tiny it will always look awesome at a large size for desktop view, web sites, brochures , trade show banners and signs, but it’s very important to first make sure it reads well at the tiny size.

So, when given the assignment of conveying a complex concept, search for the symbols that will best communicate your idea, don’t be afraid to combine symbols without over doing it and execute some creative typography that’s appropriate for the image the clients wants to convey.

Conceptual logo designs like these are very powerful marketing tools that get the potential client’s attention, and instantly communicate what services are offered and at the least get a potential client’s attention enough to look further and contact the client for more information.