How Important is your personal appearance?  How often do we judge people by their their appearance? How much time do you spend working on your make up or hair because it makes such a difference?  How often do we notice how well someone is dressed or how good they look?  It may be unfair, unreasonable and even inaccurate to what they have to offer but personal appearance means a great deal in how we perceive family, friends and collogues.

You wouldn’t think of showing up at a wedding or a job interview in a casual T shirt and worn out jeans, correct?  Yet so many business owners make the mistake of not giving an ounce of time or investment to the appearance of their business logo, web site or product logo. This can be a critical mistake as great graphic design has the power to move people!  A striking and creative logo will make you respond by picking up the phone or simply giving you the confidence to choose one company over another.  We all see bad design every day and often that bad first impression of a small business, restaurant or service makes us click on the next option, look at a different restaurant across the street or choose another service.  It may not even be a conscience decision to look elsewhere, but we often know immediately when we didn’t get a positive feeling.  This is because design appearance really makes a big distinction in how we perceive who we select to do business with.

Ted DeCagna has designed 202 career logos, to date, and can list 37 graphic design awards, 27 for logo design work. You will be hard pressed to find a more experienced expert who can help with your small business appearance than Ted DeCagna.  So, whether you need an appearance make over with your logo, web site, package design or brochure, look no further than Ted DeCagna Graphic Design and “Dress your business or product to Impress”.