In our turbo charged, highly competitive, consumer society, never before has it been more important to create a brand identity that is not only esthetically satisfying, but that generates a happy positive emotion.  Whether the identity is a company, small business, product or service, the power of a brand and logo design is enormous.  People connect with happy aesthetics, because it is something that makes them feel good with a positive emotional association. Amateur logo designs from cheap internet sources can be the biggest mistake for any small business or start up as a poor design and can easily fail to connect with the buyer and project a negative feeing.

In recent decades, there is a mounting enthusiasm and appreciation of good typography, creative graphics and distinctive symbolism that breeds positive feelings.  The power and purpose of logo designs are to bring into our minds a set of positive associations for a complex, vast and essentially impersonal enterprises.  A logo that gives you a positive vibe will instill trust and confidence in the company or product, you are searching for or shopping for.


A brand identity is a brand’s set of visual and verbal elements.

A subset within the realm of a “brand” is its brand identity, also referred to as corporate identity or identity system. The crux lies in the term “identity,” akin to verifying one’s identity through an ID in human interactions. The tangible components visible when a company communicates constitute its identity design, encompassing elements such as logos, colors, fonts, tag-lines, photography style, illustration style, patterns, icons, and messaging.

A brand style guide serves as a document that documents and preserves this identity, ensuring consistency by guiding everyone in using the correct fonts, colors, and other elements. Applications of this identity extend to various mediums, including websites, business cards, brochures, signs, packaging, vehicles, and more.

An important unknown fact is the best logo design utilizes the skills of hand lettering that creates totally unique and distinctive letterforms not found on computers.  This skill has been Ted DeCagna’s love and passion for 35 years and he has honed and fine-tuned this skill to a very high level.  Many of Ted’s designs evoke emotional comments from his clients and their customers that include words like striking, dynamic, beautiful, elegant, cool, contemporary and also puts an immediate smile on your face.   The long-term value of this skill of hand lettering can not be underestimated.  There is no doubt that Ted’s designs have and continue to benefit his clients with increased attention, higher sales, higher profits and “good” feelings from the employers who wear them on a shirt or post them on their web sites and print them on packages, brochures and business cards. Chances are your business can benefit from the Best Logo designer in New Jersey and Ted DeCagna is that designer, why settle for standard fonts and stock template logos when the success of your business or product is riding on a great design. If your need is a complete Brand identity designer New Jersey Ted DeCagna Graphic Design is your perfect source with his substantial experience, and track record of consistently excellent design and award-winning success for his clients.