As consumers and end users of thousands of products, we have the power to influence some designs. This explains why some choices will make some designs succeed and other designs fail. However, the reasons we choose one product or business service over another are quite complex. Often the decision comes down to price, efficiency and turnaround time, but very often the design of a package, logo or brochure clearly influences buying decisions. Other choices are less conscious, prompted by an emotional response and perception of value and quality.  This explains why cosmetic packaging must evoke a feeling of extreme elegance and sophistication, and also explains why consumers are willing to usually pay exorbitant prices to purchase a product that gives them the perceived “white glove” luxury quality feeling they feel they deserve or have earned.

This is why a company logotype is so critical to the image and personal feeling clients and consumers immediately have upon examination of a web site, brochure or package. Alternatively, it’s very obvious when a company has not invested in a professional design, because we often have an immediate negative feeling about a business, product or service with a poor design.  This is proof that the importance of investing in great design cannot be overstated! Statistics will show investing in excellent design will most often result in a high return with increased business, sales and confidence from clients and customers.  Simply put, a great design can either make or break the success of a product, business or service.

Ted DeCagna has a passion for good design with years of experience and 38 design awards which make him the ideal choice of designer for your new business or next project.