Ted was given the challenge of designing a new logo for Jersey Ice Corporation, Elizabeth, New Jersey. A major Italian Ice company in New Jersey since the 1950’s. Above 1. On the left was the logo the clients ad agency designed with the feeling of the old Bazooka Joe comic book character from the fifties. The client felt this first logo sketch was too cartoony and tool silly looking. Ted decided to keep the basic shape the client liked with the face of a little boy and baseball cap but gave the little boy a much warmer, happier face with influence derived from a character in the classic Christmas cartoon “Frosty the Snowman” to capture the perfect happy expression. Since the use of the new logo business has dramatically increased and the product is sold all over the United States and in the Bahamas.

The second design for Kim’s Magic Pop, Palisades Park and Moonachie, New Jersey, wholesome fresh made rice and wheat cakes. On the left was the clients original logo which was getting poor sales and had too cartoony a look too it. Ted designed a very unique logo with a font that has a classy feel and custom curls to the letters that give the letterforms a nice unique flair. This design is a award winner with American Graphic Design and Advertising and the product sales have sky rocketed since the implementation of this new logo.

Finally Logo 3 Paving Materials and Contracting, Montville, New Jersey.  The client was using this logo on the left with include a plumb bob tool incorporated with the M. Ted Convinced the client the logo had a very dated look to it and no one would see plumb bob tool in the M and instead designed a symbol that communicates paving with the impression of a single roller and dynamic printers dots to convey the gradation application of paving material on a road with a centerline. Ted then incorporated this symbol with dynamic hand lettered typography with a contemporary extended font and a bright yellow gold center. The client now gets many compliments about the new extra bold contemporary look of the new logo used on the new web site, stationery and all their paving equipment.

So if you have a dated logo and are in need of a business face lift Call Ted DeCagna to help. If you don’t have a logo at all Ted can still create a striking design from scratch and help your new business get off the ground with a bang!