August 29, 2019, Ted DeCagna has received THREE new logo design awards from a national design organization…American Graphic Design and AdvertisingAshland, KY. The 3 logos will be published in a design annual titled American Graphic Design and Advertising 32 later in 2019.

The first winner was Signum Music Company, Cranford, NJ.  Signum Music Company is a maker of premium quality music cables.  When asked to create a special logo for this new upcoming company, Ted knew it would be a difficult challenge to make these rather boring, snake- like products look appealing in a symbol.  After many hours of exploration, Ted’s solution was to show a cable tip zooming into a black diamond shape and he added a dynamic star burst of light to suggest how special the quality of these cables are. In addition, Ted chose a new contemporary cable-like font and hand customized the letters to flow in the same line as the audio plug symbol, suggesting the cable head plugs into the lettering. As a final touch to make the typography really pop, Ted added an electric gold glow of color around the letterforms.

The second award winner is for SMK Nutra Makers, NJ.  SMK Nutra Makers is a new food scientists’ company who creates custom nutritional blend drinks for professional and amateur athletes. The client chose SMK initial letters and wanted a crown incorporated with the lettering to suggest they are the king of their industry.  Ted created a logo type using a strong contemporary, streamlined font at the core and added a hand lettered liner gradient motion effect to each letter.  Although this looked very good in the preliminary drawings, the client wanted something really special with the color, so Ted created a metallic gold special effect to the lettering and crown to give it a metallic look that really gives it a high tech contemporary feel and suggests premium quality.

The third ward winning logo if for Scientific Building Automation, Wayne NJ. Scientific Building Automation has the capability of re- wiring an office building and enabling the control of the HVAC system and electrical system be controlled from a lap top computer. Ted’s solution was to render several contemporary small and medium looking office buildings and surround them with 2 bright blue rings of energy and he added a golden sun light glow of energy.  Supported by contemporary looking customized typography, the final logotype has a striking yet corporate feel.