October 6, 2020. Ted DeCagna has won his 38th design award from New Jersey’s most prestigious design and advertising organization, The NJ Art Directors Club Jersey Awards. Ted’s is a top 3
Ted’s is a top 3 finalist in the package design competition. His design shown above for Organic Botanicals holistic teas foil bag design includes beautiful custom handlettering with a Spenserian script logotype Ted is well known for excelling at. Ted framed the very unique hand lettered logo with beautiful hand illustrations of green leaves that bleed off the tea bag edge. The typography and graphics project a very classy, natural product feeling for the product line. The tea bags have a clean, creative look that is certainly unique compared to other tea bags on the market. The client “Organic Botanicals” is delighted with the design and a notable increase in sales thanks to this striking package design.

Ted DeCagna has extensive experience designing package designs of all types including folding cartons, poli bags, pop displays and pop up brochures. The virtual awards night ceremony will be November 11, 2020.