The purpose of a logo is to bring into our minds a set of positive associations for a complex enterprise, product or service which would otherwise remain impersonal and uninteresting. The visual symbolism a designer uses immediately conveys an image that stands out in our minds. These symbols perform the function of improving our recognition and recall of a product or service. Even more, dynamic design can actually serve to improve the image of any and all enterprises.

A company logo is often the first impression a client or customer receives when visiting a company web site or reviewing a brochure. A bad or dated logo will immediately convey that the company is less than first rate.  We have all seen bad or amateur logo designs on a truck, van or store and had a negative vibe, or even turned away from calling them, whereas a well-designed, contemporary or beautiful classic logo will instantly convey a feeling that the company is a very professional operation, possessing state of the art equipment, knowledge and expertise. If a product needs to convey a particular quality, such as beauty or elegance, a good designer can create custom, unique typography that sings “elegance.”

An excellent design must be unique and reflect the quality and tradition of the company it represents. A striking logo is essential to escape the depersonalization and sameness of the avalanche of contemporary consumer products.

A first-rate logo design lends confidence to employees, technicians and consumers in such things as company clothing, where it can be utilized effectively in such things as uniforms, golf shirts, caps and T-shirts. They are a short cut in communicating what the company, product or service is all about.

Once a logo design has been created, a good design can last for twenty to thirty years or much longer. Therefore, the value of a great logo cannot be underestimated.   The perception one gets from a logo is intangible but the value of a great logo design is indisputable.  Good design usually last for decades making your small investment into an excellent designer a bargain considering how long it will serve your business or product line. This is why most marketing experts readily assert that even a small investment in good design is not only a reasonable business expense, but is also an essential one. Many would argue perhaps no other single business investment has the proven potential to pay such a positive return.