Experience – It Does Make a Difference

Whether you’re new at being a business owner or you’ve been running a company for decades, you can appreciate the value of experience. Having experience means you’ve “been there, done that” and worked your way through more than a few challenges. You and the business are stronger because you’ve weathered them successfully.

The same guidelines apply to graphic design. Talent and training are amplified by years of designing logos, brochures, ads, and websites. It takes experience to creatively represent a client company’s unique selling points and tell a story effectively. Good marketing design is way more than creating a pleasing combination of shapes and colors. It takes a finely honed ability to blend eye catching graphics with content and precise messaging to achieve a company’s goals and bring business in the door.

Ted DeCagna, Creative Director of TD Graphic Design has more than 28 years experience in graphic design, photography, and corporate communications across a wide range of industries including construction, real estate, transportation, and finance. His expertise can help your product and message come alive and attract attention from your potential customers.

Experience makes a difference. You’ll see it in the award-winning work of Ted DeCagna Graphic Design. Call for a free consultation about your business. 908-272-6777.