What is color? It’s something we see every day as soon as we open our eyes that influences how our brains process what we see, often unconsciously. Color allows us to make associative connections that don’t require too much additional effort. It can embellish or dazzle if it’s in abundance, for instance, or it can remain singularly impactful in simple compositions. Colors can be muted or highly saturated. They can be tints or shades. Enter any paint store and you’ll be reminded of the nearly infinite scale of the color spectrum. Choosing a New Jersey logo designer who knows how to use color well is critically important to your business or product.

No single design element has the power to make or break a logo design, brochure, website, package design, or photo. Since color instantly evokes feelings, it is crucial in marketing or branding goods and services to customers in appealing ways. We can utilize colors to direct the feelings we want from our consumers: warm colors tend to evoke feelings of comfort, for example, while cool colors can evoke feelings of freshness and clarity, just look at the colors used for air fresheners, detergents and cleansers. Hot colors are used to jump and shout out to consumers as often seen with the use of spicy foods, chips, and salsas. Metallic colors with ink or foil stamping can have regal symbolic implications—conjuring ideas of richness, sophistication, or elegance as often seen with cosmetics, elegant invitations.   This is especially true for very expensive cosmetics or perfumes.  If the carton or bottle label looks expensive the consumer is willing to spend a lot more because of the perception of richness and high quality. As an award-winning New Jersey package designer Ted has used metallic inks and foils in numerous of high-end package designs.

The interaction of color makes their effects something important to consider for any individual looking to market and brand through the power of design. Choosing the right color combination for any graphic design assignment is a complex and challenging task. Choosing metallic inks for a project, for example, requires extensive knowledge of the inks, printing materials, processes, and purchasing printing. For instance, there are many types of gold: flat-spot color inks (which change drastically when printed on coated versus uncoated papers), actual metallic-gold inks, simulated four-color process gold inks, gold foil stamping, gold mylar-plastic, and of course the most expensive, sumptuous and striking gold leaf. Selecting the right metallic gold for the select project requires insight into the reproduction processes.

Ted DeCagna has been successfully using color for over 38 years. With a recent label design project, Ted studied competitors’ brands for their color schemes and intentionally chose a unique set of colors that complimented the photography on the label but most importantly Ted’s colors stand out as no one is using these colors anywhere in this product category.   The interaction of the colors on the packaging label causes the product to be positively prominent from competitors. (See Package Design- Italian Ice Peach Label Design) If you are looking for an outstanding design for an outstanding New Jersey logo designer, New Jersey package designer, company’s logo, product, brochure or package design, reach no further than the expertise of Ted DeCagna Graphic Design.