Designers and design can act as powerful agents of change! Innovative products such as GPS have changed the way we travel to an unknown destination. The old-world road map has become a thing of the past. New fresh ideas are all capable of helping us live longer more fulfilling lives.

The influence of good design, from cars to cell phones, can be so pervasive that their impact are felt around the globe, reshaping entire industries and societies. And, some designs may touch or transform the life of just one person.  There can be no doubt that powerful graphic design plays a critical role in influencing buyers, clients, customers.  The long-term benefit of a striking logotype design or beautiful package design adds tremendous value to products and services for many years to come.  This is why most marketing experts will advise any client with a new product or service to invest in exceptional graphic design. The design investment is often meant with a tremendous return of profits from sales as great design lasts for many years.

While it’s impossible to measure the exact financial profit derived from excellent design, it is commonly known that a first-rate design will affect product sales and attract clients and customers to choose one product &/or service over another.  The better the design, the more creative and attention getting a web site, brochure, logo or package design, the greater the chances of dramatic sales success.  So, consider changing your dated or flat logo, web site, brochure or package design to a more contemporary, striking design that will evoke a great response and influence sales, because designers and design can act as powerful agents of change.